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Animal Creator

History of establishment

May 2020

YOSHIKAZU became the founder and launched a creative group " Animal Creator " with several friends

I began to doubt the excessive pet boom these days and the purchase of rare animals in fashion.

And what is real animal protection? Pets are not just cute.

There are many things that are troublesome, and they definitely die earlier than humans.
In the first place, keeping animals is a human ego,

I wonder if pets and animals can't be loved only by the upper edge.

By living with many animals, I often give advices to pet shops and enthusiasts based on my

And "I do not buy or sell rare animals" "Responsible care for life (take care until death)"

Now we have some policies such as "Do not kill the animals you care for yourself".

Meanwhile, the animals that have stopped being taken care of by pet shops and lovers

I will take a lot of things, but rather than being taken care of by those who have no sense of responsibility or who have little knowledge of breeding,

There are many things that I think animals will be happier when they take care of themselves.

Some people who have abandoned breeding leave it in the forest or pond, destroying the ecosystem,

It is increasing rapidly that dangerous animals are left unchecked and the general public is afraid.

While living like this, I started a creative group "Animal Creator" in order to appeal to the animal protection that I think I could do.

"Animal Creator" sells paintings and goods drawn by Mr. YOSHIKAZU himself with animal motifs.

We will collaborate with companies , send on YouTube , live distribution, and SNS .

We are also planning to launch crowdfunding for construction of shelter.

Detailed information on events, live distributions, and YouTube will be added to the website later.

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